About Nathalie 🐙 The Octogig

I teach you how to earn passive income as a neurodivergent, multipotentialite, chronically ill spoonie, in a sustainable, non-ableist way that uses your strengths

Hi! I’m Nathalie.
I’m the mom of two autistic teens, and autistic myself.
I also have a painful chronic illness.

Of course, due to the circumstances, I can’t go to work. I need to be home with my sons, who can’t be left alone. I also have very few spoons, and even though my pain threshold is high, sometimes I just have to stay in bed due to the pain my chronic illness inflicts on me. And also, I’ve been out of the workforce for almost two decades, so getting hired at my age is an improbability.

Working from home is also a struggle. My schedule is chaotic, I have random admin tasks to do about my kids, I need to organize therapies, school and homeschooling, and I never know if I am going to be able to go about my day pain-free.

So I decided that a way I could go about earning money was to go the passive income way. But most of the advice you get about being an online entrepreneur is very ableist — it’s aimed at neurotypical people who are able-bodied, and who have no mental illness.

I may not be “successful enough” by some people’s standards, but I am working my way into passive income while respecting myself, my difficulties, and using my neurodivergent strengths (creativity, hyperfixation, sideways thinking).

I’m here today to share my journey, and to help any other neurodivergent people who might want support and advice to start their own passive income journey.


Neurospicy & chronically ill.